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A large, well-stacked Library with a significant collection of journals and books is a major resource of the College. The Library holds a rich collection of printed as well as electronic resources which include micromedex drug information system, 6177 volumes of books,1569 titles, 22 National journals, 10 International journals, databases, audio-visual materials, CDs/DVDs, e-journals, Indian Pharmacopoeia, British National Formulary, United States Pharmacopoeia, reports, case studies etc. The Library with its modern collection of knowledge resources and innovative information services helps students in their quest for academic excellence. There are also small department level libraries in our campus. It strives to provide the latest and best collection of books, journals, online sources, dissertations to students for course work and research.


The e-Learning initiative of our campus is an attempt to enable students to learn at their own pace and style. The e-Learning provides an interactive, multi-sensory experience, combining the simplicity of classrooms teaching with a powerful visual medium. The multimedia content has been prepared by the faculty is interactive and allows the students to test his understanding by taking online tests at the end of each chapter.